Fly Charts: Shadow Bank Expansion and Amazon’s Health-Care Impact

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Amazon is worth $200 billion more than the country’s five largest insurers and three largest pharmacy benefit managers — which will shortly be consolidated into five total companies.

Source: Bloomberg

Time to Spend

Berkshire Hathaway already has more cash than Warren Buffett knows what to do with, and a potential sale of USG may
add to the problem.

Source: Bloomberg

Risk Off

Wall Street keeps getting gifts from the Trump administration. The most recent present is a provision that will allow shadow banks to double their leverage.

Source: Bloomberg

The War Is Over

Ride-sharing is a winner-take-all business that Uber was losing in Southeast Asia. Its decision to sell its operations in the region to Grab should not be a surprise, and a capitulation in India
may be next.

Source: Grab, citing surveys by TNS conducted during June and July 2017

And don’t miss Nir Kaissar on Facebook’s predicament: “If Facebook’s historical financials are any guide, a mere 13 percent decline in the number of users — which would leave it with the same number it had at the end of 2016 — would translate into a 23 percent decline in ad revenue per user and a 33 percent decline in revenue. Earnings, in turn, would drop by 43 percent and its P/E ratio would spike to 45. If that were to happen, Facebook’s stock would have to decline by 65 percent to reach that reasonable P/E ratio of 15.5. It would take more than a few defections to bring down Facebook, but investors should bear in mind that the same isn’t necessarily true of its stock.”





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